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                                An Eternal City

                                    31 people

                                  7 questions

Rome through the eyes of its most fascinating people

Have you every seen someone so interesting that they make you pause and wonder . . . who are you, really?


In a city of timeless beauty, I decided to interview thirty-one people who made me stop and wonder. . .

         Naked Rome, is a book of interviews with black and white portraits by high fashion photographer Kevin Pineda, A unique seven question interview concept elicits instinctive responses and gives readers an intimate look into the hidden heart of la vita romana.

From a Carpenter to a Countess, the project is an inclusive look at diverse people and what they believe is the key to true happiness..


         Each interview and photo-shoot is held at the person's most beloved place in the city, accompanied by photos of the nearby vistas and architecture. Naked gives readers a way to get to know Rome through the eyes of its most intriguing people, and discover secrets only a local would know.

         A documentary, by film-maker Matteo Mauroni, follows the project and features six of the interviewees. A Japanese-Italian actress, a woman who fled Saudi Arabia to change her life, a fresco artist, a priest who never wanted to be a priest, a fifth generation sword-master whose family fought to unify Italy, and a modern dancer who is inspired by the ancient city.

        The Naked Project's goal is to become a series of books, each featuring one of the world's most fascinating cities, and the people who make it remain forever in our hearts.

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