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"Nowhere Girl is a riveting tale of trauma and resilience."


-PEOPLE MAGAZINE selection for Best New Book

"A transfixing chronicle  . . . Eloquent and bracing, Diamond´s story will haunt readers long after the last page."

-Publishers Weekly starred review

"Unimaginable . . . gripping. . . Cheryl Diamond´s memoir is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and a decade-long labor of love."

-The Daily Mail, top 3 most-read

"It’s a shocking rollercoaster ride of a story that shares secrets of life on the run but also asks big questions about what family means and who we truly are, no matter what the name on a passport might say."

-Town & Country Magazine

"Nowhere Girl is courageous, heartbreaking and beautifully written. She is Baby James Bond."

-Paul Haggis, Academy Award winning writer of Crash, Million Dollar Baby, and Casino Royale

Interview on Daily Blast Live

"America´s Next Top Author."

-The New York Times

Reader Meets Writer:
interview with bestselling author


Nowhere Girl awarded The Library Guild of America Gold Standard for 2021

"A beyond harrowing memoir . . . Diamond´s tale might just be the most mind-blowing of them all."

-Booklist starred review


Winner of Indie Next pick for July 2021


Nowhere Girl awarded 

Most Anticipated Crime Book of 2021

by Crimereads

The incredible story of a childhood spent on the run. . Diamond effectively conveys an atmosphere of psychological suspense as she begins to unravel the events that led to her parents’ fugitive status. Diamond’s memoir is compulsively readable. . . 

                -The Library Journal 

"When Cheryl Diamond was 3, she used to hang out with the Japanese Mafia. By age 4, she was in India, and had her first near death experience. Of course, all this is par for the course when you're living life on the run. Nowhere Girl details her childhood among a family of outlaws, crossing continents, changing identities and outsmarting authorities."

-The New York Post, feature article

"The pages are filled with adventure, humor, and deep sadness. Nowhere Girl is so gorgeously written and impossible to put down. It is truly a tribute to human resilience."

- The Southern Bookseller Review

"Cheryl Diamond grew up living outside the law . . . perpetually on the run . . . but all of this exacted a steep toll. (Nowhere Girl) gave her the chance to write herself into existence by recounting how she broke free, learned to stand up for herself and create a fresh identity."

- The L.A. Daily News, feature story

"Pulse-pounding, breathtaking; it is staggering how wonderful, terrifying and brilliant this book is. Nowhere Girl is a testament to bravery."

- Wiley Cash, New York Times bestselling author of A Land More Kind Than Home

"Nowhere Girl beautifully captures the intensity, darkness, and fierce love within an uncompromising outlaw family. Diamond´s odyssey would leave the most adventurous of us panting to keep up."

-Alia Volz, author of Homebaked: My Mom, Marijuana and the Stoning of San Fransisco

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“Diamond has a powerful story to tell . . . The tension isn't whether the father will be caught by whomever is chasing him, but whether the daughter will break away from the web of lies that have been woven tightly around her. How does one recognise truth from fiction? And how does one escape one´s childhood? Diamond raises as many questions as she answers, as the best books do.”

-The New York Journal of Books

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